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i recreated

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i re-created

band blog and all

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My mom jist asked that if we got in a car accident, would our car on the gps just crumple up.

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i don’t post on here anymore

i mean, i come on at times, but my new blog is my baby.

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just saved 

im not even sorry

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reblog this, and send me an ask and i’ll do a drawing based on your url. :)

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reblogging myself

im cool

do eeettt please?

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im so dizzy rn

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the most feared being in the universe
the oncoming storm

erm, matt?
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Ray Cusick (1928-2013)


Here is what I do know: Cory Monteith was kind. He was talented and he worked hard. He was compassionate and he was loved. He lived and he touched lives. He made a difference.

He was my hero and he went out fighting.

Cory Monteith was a fucking champion.

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nice cowboy hat.
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- since the last games, somethings different. i can see it.
- what can you see?
- hope.
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Rock On